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Camel Juice Music

2009-04-17 08:06:48 by Camel-Juice-Music

Howdy Newgrounders.

We just wanted to officially say "Hi" here at Camel Juice Music. Camel Juice Music is the joint account of BlinkMarine and Dreadnought106. We decided a few days ago that we should create an account for the both of us, so that we could post our collaborative music on one account. We've done this because we're planning for most of our music in the future to be composed and submitted by one name, Camel Juice Music. Not, Submitted by BlinkMarine, "Collab with Dreadnought106" or vice versa. You could call us a band, or a duo, but i don't think it's really suitable...
We specialize in Dance/Trance/Techno, however, we plan on submitting some Hip-Hop here and there. Not much more to say right now, but expect to here alot more from us in the near future.

-Camel Juice Music

" 50 % Camel, 50 % Juice, 100 % Music "

Camel Juice Music


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