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We Got reFX Vanguard ages ago...

2009-04-30 12:57:56 by Camel-Juice-Music

We got vanguard a very very very very very very very...long time ago... We now have ReFX Nexus and several of its expansion packs. We hope to be posting a few more projects in the future!

-Camel Juice Music

" 50 % Camel , 50 % Juice , 100 % Music "

We Got reFX Vanguard ages ago...


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2009-06-05 11:59:12

"We" ?

Camel-Juice-Music responds:

Yep, it's a joint account between BlinkMarine and Dreadnought106 ;)


2009-11-14 22:42:58

Sup! Dude your like the best musician here on NG I ever heard.